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This is a Lunar for use in Seras' game here.


[edit] Backstory

Ursa, named as such due to the appearance of a large bear spirit during his birth, was one of the various occultist-engineers in his RPC. A storm of snow and ice struck his group when they were surveying land for geomancy purposes, and their attempts to find cover were complicated by a snow lion blocking their path into the cave. Ursa quickly figured out a way to distract the lion, leading it toward an area of poor footing. While both of them fell down a steep incline, he managed to slow his descent enough to not die, unlike the lion. Despite a broken leg and that his comrades likely left him for dead, he vowed to not give up hope. In what turned out to be days of solitude and immobility, he saw several visions not the least of which was a cloaked stranger.

When the rescue time finally arrived and brought him up, they were surprised to find him alive and well - and Exalted. Arrangements were made to send him to the Isle, and it was during his travels that the dreams began.

A blasted plain surrounds me. People, demons, and things even stranger are around me in varying states of life and death. A mass of giant crystals floats before me, and a man burning with the white-hot brilliance of the noonday sun stands beside me. I raise my blade with his, and we strike against a crystal... and I see a place that is filled with pure, perfect respect. Where one needs not fear punishment, since failing a friend is worse than anything. Where people can be better, but hold nothing against their lessers and protect them as if they were the greatest treasures in the world. I see the two of us, being burned away by a fire lashing from a crystal sphere.

Dreams of a past life were nothing new to exalts, but this stuck with him. He could figure out what was going on, of course. But what they meant and foretold was something completely different. This would have to wait until he met his Mate, and was acquainted with Exalted life first...

And of course the Usurpation happened. Given his propensity to not engage in violence, the entire thing horrified him but his youth prevented him from enacting any real challenge to what happened. While he felt that all of the Exalted deserved a say in Creation's future, such extreme measures seemed a bit much. And with the escaped Solars now threatening war and the Rebellion knocking on Meru's doorstep, a quiet life of occult study seemed beyond his reach now...

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[edit] Abilities

War                     Life                Wisdom 
Archery •• *Craft ••• Bureaucracy
Athletics •• Larceny Investigation
Awareness •• Linguistics • Lore •••
Dodge ••• Performance Medicine
Integrity •• Presence •• *Occult •••
*Martial Arts ••• Ride
Melee Sail •
Resistance •• Socialize •
Thrown Stealth
War Survival ••

Specialties: None
Crafts: Craft(Earth) •••
Languages: Sky-tongue (native), Old Realm

[edit] Advantages

Backing (Night Sky Regime) ••
Backing (Crossroads Society) •
Heart's Blood ••
Manse ••
Manse •
Mentor •
Retainers •
Wealth ••

Compassion •••••
Conviction •••
Valor ••
Temperance •••••


Health Levels

  0  [ ]   
-1 [ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Permanent: 3
Personal: 23/23
Peripheral: 45/52
Committed: 7
Regen: (Manse 2 x 2) + (Manse 1 x 2) + Amulet 1 = +7m/h


Great Curse
Compassion: Curse of the Mother Hen

[edit] Charms

[edit] Strength

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[edit] Intelligence

Third Intelligence Excellency

  • 4m, Reflexive (Step 4/6), Instant, reroll or add Intelligence to static rating

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

  • Permanent, Allows taking Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions.

[edit] Wits

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[edit] Spells

Emerald Circle Countermagic

  • TCS, 10m or 20m, Target=Caster or one spell, protect self for cast+1 action against TCS or shatter a casting/existing spell within (Essence x 50) feet.

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[edit] Backgrounds

Backing (Night Sky Regime) ••
Ursa takes an interest in the politics of the Regime. While his vote is mostly that of his Mentor, he has been obedient when it counts and rebellious when it wouldn't matter much.

Backing (Crossroads Society) •
Ursa is only a young member of the Crossroads Society, having recently initiated into the Terrestial Circle of Sorcery. The society largely consists of No Moons and was most recently concerned with the re-aspecting project and with acquiring as much lore from the Solars as they died.

Heart's Blood ••
In addition to his true shapes, Ursa has acquired several forms of animals, mostly those native to the Isle but several from areas with imported beasts. He can take the shape of the following addition animals: Snow lion, osprey, owl, horse, red panda, house cat, river otter, freshwater trout, copperhead snake.

Manse ••
Located on Meru's western slopes, Ursa's personal manse is the Humble Place of Retreat, a fairly low-key Lunar manse. It produces a Chameleon Stone, allowing him to appear as a member of the local populace, useful for moving somewhat unnoticed.

Chameleon Stone (Lunar ••)
A colorless triangular prism that takes on the color of whatever it touches. The bearer can change his skin, hair and eye color along with general features so that the bearer will match the natives of a local area, whatever they may be.

Manse •
The Edged Walk is an Air manse located in the Falling Waters Dominion, almost completed surrounded by one of the rivers, with the edges of the manse lapped by the waters. The demense that it caps cools the waters for the river, and the area is owned by Ursa's Mentor. The manse (more accurately, the Jewel of the Flying Heart that the manse produces) was gifted to Ursa after he completed his cursory training.

Jewel of the Flying Heart (Air •)
This blood-red, triangular stone increases the bearer's dodge DV by 1. If set into a melee weapon, it also adds +1 bonus to Melee attacks with the weapon.

Mentor •
Ursa's mentor is currently more concerned with political matters and power struggles than in training the young charge, at least face to face. He is confident that the young Lunar can learn on his own and through his own means, providing even greater knowledge. If only Creation didn't need Stewards so badly!
Retainers •
Ursa has only a pair of mortal servants that assist him with whatever mundane work that needs to be done.

Wealth ••
Ursa's work on the re-aspecting of Meru has provided nicely for himself.

Wealth purchases:

  • Moonsilver Lamellar Armor Mare Marginis, Artifact • (Attune 3-1=1)
  • Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers, Artifact • (Attune 4)
  • Aegis Inset Amulets, Artifact • (Attune 0)
  • Perfected Boots, Artifact • (Attune 1)
  • Hearthstone Amulet, Artifact • (Attune 1)

[edit] Combat stats

Join Battle: 6

Dodge Pool
Dodge DV (human): (Dex 4 + Dodge 3 + Essence 3 + HSB 3 = 13) 7 + 1 HS = 8
Dodge DV (warform): (Dex 5 + Dodge 3 + Essence 3 + HSB 3 = 14) 7 + 1 HS = 8
Dodge MDV: (WP 10 + Integrity 2 + Essence 3 = 15) 7

Jumping (5, -1), Vertical/Horizontal (human): Str 3 + Ath 2 + 2 PB = 7 / 14 yards
Jumping (5, -1), Vertical/Horizontal (warform): Str 4 + Ath 2 + 2 PB = 8 / 16 yards

Dash (3/-2) (human): Dex 4 + 6 + PB 6 = 16 yards
Dash (3/-2) (warform): Dex 5 + 6 + PB 6 = 17 yards

Move (0/None) (human): Dex 4 + PB 3 = 7 yards
Move (0/None) (warform): Dex 5 + PB 3 = 8 yards

[edit] Attacks

Base Martial Arts Pool (human): Dex 4 + Martial Arts 3 = 7
Base Archery Pool (human): Dex 4 + Archery 2 = 6

Base Martial Arts Pool (warform): Dex 5 + Martial Arts 3 = 8
Base Archery Pool (warform): Dex 5 + Archery 2 = 7

Strength: Human=3, Spirit=7, Warform+=1

Unarmed Attacks

  • Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +0B, Defense +2, Rate 3, Min Str •, Tags N
  • Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage +3B, Defense -2, Rate 2, Min Str • Dex ••, Tags N
  • Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy +0, Damage +0B, Defense NA, Rate 1, Min Str •, Tags C N P

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[edit] Notes

BP: 15
-12: Virtues
-03: Stamina 4

[edit] Experience Progression

Total XP: 30
Spent: 21
-03: Valor 2
-09: Relentless Lunar Fury
-09: Bruise Relief Method
-09: Halting the Scarlet Flow

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