Twin Blades of Dancing Flames

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The Twin Blades of Dancing Flames
Cost: •• each
Attune: 3 each or 5 each
Tags: None
Description: The Twin Blades of Dancing Flames are a pair of Red Jade short daiklaves. While the unwary can use them as such, they hold a special power accompanied by a violent past. They were created at the dawn of the Shogunate, to aid a veteran DragonBlooded sorcerer of the Usurpation. The Terrestrial had managed to corner a pair of powerful elementals that were still loyal to the Solar empire. Instead of destroying the pair, he had them bound into a pair of swords so as to aid him in battle. However, the elementals' fiery nature managed to win them some degree of control, and they refused to manifest their true power for the son of Hesiesh. Their disobedience was to be punished eventually, but the sorcerer passed on shortly later, and the daiklaves were eventually lost during the Contagion era. They might very well be out there still, disguised as simple daiklaves.

The two elementals will only reveal themselves to their owner if they think he or she would be an ally to their goals, namely to be able to travel throughout Creation. This task was made much more difficult and less interesting post-Usurpation, explaining their motives in rebelling against the DragonBlooded rule. They'll use their interactions to gauge whether or not their master is "good" or not, and if they manage to like them enough they'll allow him to access a unique power. The following requirements need to be met:

  • The owner must be a Fire Aspect, or be somehow elementally aligned with Fire
  • Must possess a permanent Essence score of at least 4
  • The owner must know Terrestrial Circle Sorcery and at least 8 different spells
  • Must be a frequent traveler to new places
  • Must both be attuned to the user
  • Finally, the user has to be able to convince them of his sympathy to their cause (Extended Charisma+Presence roll, once a week, total successes of 20)

The owner pays an additional two motes when casting a spell, and the daiklaves flare to life amid the user's anima, with a pair of pillars of fire "wielding" the swords. While casting, the swords allow the user to apply his Parry DV to attacks, using his Essence+Occult+weapon bonuses as the die pool, though the user can use the higher of Occult or Melee specialties.

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