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While the legendary artifacts of the Exalted are many and varied, few hark back to the glories now lost as keenly as the warstrider. Be it a single orichalcum relic in the hands of a rampaging Anathema or an entire fang of jade-encased giants leading the Dragon-Blooded legions into battle, a warstrider invariably fills onlookers with awe. And while a Realm peasant might go a lifetime without ever seeing a First Age sailing ship, let alone a flying craft, these priceless titans often lead victory processions in major cities throughout the Realm, visible and unmistakable symbols of the Scarlet Empire’s power and glory. Yet the awe that such observers feel is also tinged with dread, for these potent artifacts were fashioned for one purpose: destruction. Like all giants, warstriders seldom pay attention to the ants at their feet.


[edit] Warstrider Background

See Warstrider backgrounds for more information about warstrider backgrounds.

[edit] Warstrider Classification

Warstriders are typically classed according to their construction, intended use, and intended user.

Common - The basic, mass produced warstriders, and the only ones currently capable of actually being built in the Age of Sorrows.
Scout - Common warstriders, streamlined for recon, stealth, and operational range.
Noble - Powerful warstriders made entirely out of Magical Materials.
Colossus - Massive, hulking warstriders. Slow, yet steady.
Royal - The most powerful warstriders, imbued with an awakened intelligence and designed for the Lawgivers themselves.
Divine - A fading memory of even the oldest beings in Creation, the unique Divine Warstriders lie dormant, waiting to be called upon to defend Creation from certain doom...

[edit] The Warstrider in the Field

Warstriders were originally intended to combat the larger soldiers of the Primordials, and endured during the First Age due to their tactical opportunities and distinctive appearance. In the Second Age, they are usually fielded because the other side is fielding one as well. Aside from public appearances in victory parades, of course.

Rules - Various rules and errata for using warstriders.

[edit] Warstrider Deployment in the Second Age

Warstriders are as powerful as they are expensive. A warstrider is the culmination of years of work and vast amounts of wealth, and continues to sap resources during its usage.

Construction - Rules on constructing warstriders in the Second Age.
Repair & Maintenance - Rules and information on repairing and maintaining a warstrider.

[edit] Warstrider Weapons

See Warstrider Weapons for more information on weaponry designed for use by warstriders.
See Custom Weapons for more information on custom and player-made weaponry.

[edit] Ancillary Systems

See Ancillary Systems for more information on customizing your warstrider.

[edit] Warstriders and Charms

See Charms for more information on the use of Charms with warstriders.

[edit] Famous Warstriders

Some warstriders are especially notable, for various reasons.
Pasiap's Mighty Fist - A lesson in proper cathedral discipline.
Unyielding Fury of Righteousness - The Empress' personal royal warstrider, never used.
Indraghast's Bane - A warstrider capable of shifting forms with its Lunar pilot.
Hateful Devourer of Love - Just as planned?

[edit] Example Warstriders

Some examples of warstrider descriptions and stat blocks.
Warstrider Creation - How to make your own warstrider, step by step.
Edge of Heaven and Earth - Orichalcum royal warstrider, piloted by Flickering Heaven.

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