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[edit] Backstory

Sia Illaryn grew up in an unexceptional household in Thorns. Her first memory was that of a DragonBlooded officer marching through the streets, both her and her troops the image of martial perfection. From that moment, she dedicated herself to the training necessary to get as close to that dream as possible. Lacking the resources to enroll in a military academy, and eventually lacking the blessing of the dragons, she worked her way through the ranks, excelling at the bow and proving herself worthy of a promotion to officer status.

Then Thorns gained its new satrap, one Cynis Falen Jalide. While rumors of his unbecoming conduct circulated throughout the citizens of Thorns, Sia remained confident that he would prove himself to be adequate. It eventually came to pass that Jalide, in his hunger for sorcerous knowledge, posed a simple question to himself: Could trained soldiers of the Realm stand up to an undead assault? It was an interesting question, since no one had yet attempted to use the undead in any kind of military fashion. And with the Empress' disappearance, anything could be possible...

A quick arrangement between a local necromancer and Jalide later, and an small unit of forgettable soldiers were ordered to set out and practice maneuvers in the field. A simple week, ensuring that Thorns' soldiers could function in the field with little to no time for preparation. That's what the official documents said, but they were merely meat to be ground up in the few hours before dawn. If anyone of that group had survived, they would have sworn that they might have had a better chance to survive if only their line commander had stood up to the advancing ghouls and skeletons. But instead, Sia Illaryn, proud daughter of Thorns, decorated soldier of the Realm, hid under the bodies of her own command. Praying for death, praying that she could perform better in her next life, praying that her disgrace would at least be private and not fall onto her family's name.

But Fate had other plans. Instead of being torn apart by hungry corpses, she was forgotten underneath the pile of gore and the attackers departed for places better suited to undead as the sun rose. She laid there until the next evening, when the sounds of the necromancer approached her hiding place, as he came to collect more ghosts to do his bidding. But instead of finding nothing but a pile of corpses, he found a pile of corpses and one incensed, newly exalted Dusk Caste. By the time the agents of Five Day's Darkness reached her, she had finished burying her comrades in the middle of the field where they had died.

She was eventually led back to an place in Sijan, where everything was explained to her; what she had become, the Underworld, and what was expected of her. Since then, she's been training in her newfound powers, taking care of a few grave robbers and strange beasts, getting acquainted with ghosts and the like, and commissioning a Soulsteel breastplate whose materials were donated from a very particular necromancer. Former necromancer, that is.

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[edit] Advantages

Artifact ***
Underworld Manse ***
Resources **
Whispers **

Compassion **
Conviction ***
Valor ****
Temperance ***

(•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) ( ) ( ) ( )
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Health Levels
0 [ ]
-1 [ ][ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Permanent 3
Personal 16 (16)
Peripheral 40 (27)
Committed 13

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Great Curse
Curse of Frozen Blood

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[edit] Merits and Flaws

[edit] Artifacts and Hearthstones

Soulsteel Long Powerbow “General's Dirge”
Spd: 6
Acc: +3
Damage: +5L
Rate: 3
Range: 350
Min: N/A
Commit: 7 motes
Cost: Artifact ***
Sockets: 1
Tags: 2,B

Soulsteel Hearthstone Bracers
Dodge DV Bonus: +3
MM Bonus: -2L/-2B soak against target
Cost: Artifact **
Commit: 4 motes
Sockets: 1

Soulsteel Breastplate
Soak: +8L/+6B
Hardness: 3L/3B
Mob: -0
Fatg: 0
Cost: Artifact *
Cmt: 2 motes
Tags: None

Stone of the Calcified Missile
Cost: Manse ***
Element: Bone
Effect: If set into a powerbow, this pale tan cylinder adds three dice to its Accuracy and another three dice to its Damage.

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[edit] Experience Progression


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