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You wake up, lying naked on a cold metal slab. You can't remember going to sleep. You can't remember much at all right now.

You try to get up but you can't move. You can't feel most of your body, and the parts you can feel are on fire. You can't feel your heartbeat but you can hear blood rushing through your ears. You aren't breathing. Your eyes aren't closed, but you can't see anything.

You hear muffled noises that sound like people talking. "e's aware, what shoul." This one is about level to you, and is off to the side.

"riple the levels of medrol in its blood..." This one is standing over you, and the faint sound of metal scraping against metal is coming from the same direction. "won't matter soon, keep subjec stabilized until we finish with it."

You wake up again, this time with a scream as for one instant, every fiber in your being is in pain. You can feel your body now, though there's something horribly wrong about it all. There's a blinding light in your eyes, and sounds begin focusing into clarity you never experienced before. The light dims, or your eyes begin to adjust to working. Your vision seems perfect, unnaturally so.

The room you are in is almost all metal, and people are talking, sometimes in different languages. They sound like they're arguing, something about butchers not doing their job properly and making it harder for them. They either haven't noticed you or don't care.

You're strapped to a table that's been turned vertical, and you're facing some kind of machine. You don't particularly like the looks of it, especially when one of the voices says something about "memory imprinting routines".

You don't want to be here. You want to go home, wherever that is. A primal fear that something bad is going to happen to you.

You flex your arm and the straps pull away like they were made of tissue paper. Now there's shouting, and a klaxon begins blaring. As you easily pull yourself away, an ugly old man raises some kind of device at you. Before you can even think, you're holding the his crushed device and hand in yours. Blood is coming out of the end that you tore off.

The next hour or so goes about as smoothly. First soldiers, armed and clothed in what look like riot gear suitable for killing an elephant. Then whoever is trying to halt your escape sends monsters after you, terrible beings full of circuits and dark green blood. They all crumble under your strength, a power you never knew you had.

It isn't until you exit the compound that they stop chasing you. Once you're outside, it's as if there never WAS a place to escape from. A pleasant countryside, vibrant green hills of grass, a clear blue sky.

You're covered in blood, or what you guess is blood. You come upon a stream, and try to wash it off of yourself.

For a second you think another of those freakish monsters is ambushing you. The thing takes a hit from your attack, and disappears into the rippling water.

It takes a full minute for you to realize it was just your reflection.

[edit] The Story

This series focuses on a group of normal people who, for one reason or another, have been abducted by a mysterious organization and converted into powerful cyborgs devoid of memory of their previous life. The fact that none of you know much about this organization, and that it apparently doesn't exist is certainly cause for alarm, since the search for evidence only yields more of people like yourself. The only proof is yourselves and the few monstrous cyborgs that seek to either destroy you or return you to their masters. Sadly, their corpses collapse into decaying dust the moment they are slain, and fight with enough fervor that incapacitating them is out of the question. You know that your friends aren't under their control, as they lack the distinctive symbol of the organization, emblazoned on the enemies you have encountered so far.

This game is obviously inspired by the works of Shotaro Ishinomori. Familiarity with his works is a plus, but not required. The shared themes between this game and those like Promethean or Changeling are something to also draw upon when creating your character.

[edit] The Players

This game is run using the Mutants & Masterminds system. Cyborg characters are created using Power Level 8 with 120 Power Points to spend.
All cyborgs in this game feature a power, and a Drawback that funds it. Cyborgs have the following powers for free:

  • Regeneration 1 (Resurrection: Requires cyberbrain to be intact; Flaw: Requires material to rebuild body or cybernetic surgery assistance for further recovery checks)
  • Regeneration 3 (Recovery Bonus; Flaw: Limited to Resurrection checks)

However, this power comes at a price. Cyborgs also feature a Drawback:

  • Cybernetic Origin, 2pp: Your body is neither fully mechanical or organic. Healing powers only have partial effect on you; the check they grant does not gain an additional bonus from the ranks of Healing used on you, unless the power features an Extra. As well, attempts to use Medicine on the character also require the attending character to be trained in Craft: Electronics or Craft: Mechanical or else suffer a -10 penalty. Training in either of the other skills results in a DC 10 check in the respective skill; success allows the physician to perform the Medicine roll normally, while failure results in a -2 penalty to the Medicine roll.

Recommended powers: A cyborgs' shape is by default a monstrous, inhuman one. Ranks of Morph are recommended for creating disguises that render you humanlike; Morph 3 (3 pp) is enough to allow you to change with a free action to a human visage that is virtually infallible to all but the keenest of eyes.

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