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This is a Lunar for use in Seras' game here.


[edit] Backstory

For most of his life, Ronan was a wilderness guide for the rich who came to the North. Confident with blade and javelin, he often dragged soft-handed city slickers through the cold and out to see some mountain, canyon, or to kill some fauna. Rarely had his life been in danger, until one week when he was escorting yet another Golden Child from Meru around. An assassin sabotaged the local weather, causing the small party to be stranded in a freak icestorm. He managed to find a small cave, but so had a snow lion. While the scion of a hero cowered in fear, praying to his god and parents, he refused to give up against the harshness that Creation had to muster. Wounded but still fighting, he drove his blade into the lion's chest, ejecting the beast's heart across the quickly forming ice. He dragged both the snow lion and the Child to the cave, slit open the animal and stuffed the Child into the warmth inside. He then went back out into the storm, that didn't feel nearly as bad this time. Almost in a daze, he walked to the steaming heart and drank the blood from it. It was then that he realized there was a figure standing in the storm; a woman clad in armor and wielding a bow. She congratulated him on his achievement, and then promptly shot him in the chest with an arrow. When he woke up, he wasn't just greeted with a rescue team but ambassadors from the Deliberative. He was a Chosen of Luna, who they explained was likely the being he met out there. After some minor surgery, he kept the arrowhead as a memento, and the entire lot of them headed to Meru for his orientation. That was when the dream started.

A blasted plain surrounds me. People, demons, and things even stranger are around me in varying states of life and death. A mass of giant crystals floats before me, and a man burning with the white-hot brilliance of the noonday sun stands beside me. I raise my blade with his, and we strike against a crystal... and I see a place that is filled with pure, perfect respect. Where one needs not fear punishment, since failing a friend is worse than anything. Where people can be better, but hold nothing against their lessers and protect them as if they were the greatest treasures in the world. I see the two of us, being burned away by a fire lashing from a crystal sphere.

It wasn't long that he learned about Exalted life. He learned swordsmanship from one of the Bronze Tigers, and how to change his form from the Burning Moons. He learned that for all his power, and for all his great Destiny to be chosen by Luna, he was a second class citizen. He held no power against the Deliberative, and even the Solars of similar status to him were just pawns of the few who were simply blessed with a bogglingly long life. He was even "assigned" to a Solar, though finding out which one it was was taking longer than anything, and he could swear it was being hindered somehow. Of course, everything went on hold for the Calibration even, something he decided to spend in a small manse in the woods, meditating on his situation. When he learned that the Solars had been nearly all wiped out, he was shocked by the act but not surprised. After millennia of being treated as children, it was only natural that the rest of the Exalted lashed out. Creation was gifted to the Exalted, ALL of the Exalted and not just the ones that wore gold.

But still the dream came. It was never terrifying, just unsettling. Every Celestial had dreams of his previous life, it was the way of things. But this was different, it was impossible to make sense out of. That he could only ask the other person in his dream, who struck alongside him as though they were closer than brothers.

But that is impossible now. The Regime is in charge, and is anticipating war. Not all of the Solars were "forcibly reincarnated", and the survivors were the worst and most powerful of them all. Squatting alongside the directions of Creation, they wish to retake the Isle and return things to how they were, and probably even worse. And now this Rebellion, here in Meru itself. Times of strife are ahead, and he'll face them head on. He won't let his only chance at seeing that dream come true slip away.

[edit] Info

Name: Ronan Farstride
Caste: Full Moon
Totem: Wolfhound
Tell: Shaggy looking hair/fur/feathers
Motivation: Find the person who can make sense of his dreams
Intimacies: +Luna, +Equal standing of all Exalts, +His comrades-in-arms, +The Northern wilderness

Age: 44 (29)
Height: 6'2""
Hair: Light gray
Eyes: Blue

Description: Ronan is rather tall, with a slim build that belies his strength and hints more at his speed. His hair and complexion hints at a Northern ancestry, and he speaks his Old Realm with a Skytongue accent. He prefers rugged, multipurpose clothing, though keeps his arms bare save for his bracers, fixed with the Chameleon Stone. His daiklave, Hunter's Pride, is kept sheathed behind his waist and is fitted with his Jewel of the Flying Heart. He wears a moonsilver arrowhead on a necklace as a reminder of his Exaltation; it's from the arrow shot by Luna.

[edit] Attributes

*Strength  •••••   Charisma     •••    *Perception   ••••   
*Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •• Intelligence •••
*Stamina •••• Appearance ••• Wits •••

Shoot, who would have tohuhgt that it was that easy?

This atrcile keeps it real, no doubt.

[edit] Combat stats

Join Battle: 6

Dodge Pool
Dodge DV (human): (Dex 5 + Dodge 3 + Essence 3 + HSB 3 = 14) 7 + 1 HS = 8
Dodge DV (warform): (Dex 6 + Dodge 3 + Essence 3 + HSB 3 = 15) 8 + 1 HS = 9
Dodge MDV: (WP 8 + Integrity 2 + Essence 3 = 13) 6

Jumping (5, -1), Vertical/Horizontal (human): Str 5 + Ath 2 + 2 PB = 9 / 18 yards
Jumping (5, -1), Vertical/Horizontal (warform): Str 6 + Ath 2 + 2 PB + 2 WP = 12 / 24 yards

Dash (3/-2) (human): Dex 5 + 6 + PB 6 = 17 yards
Dash (3/-2) (warform): Dex 6 + 6 + PB 6 + 2 WP = 20 yards

Move (0/None) (human): Dex 5 + PB 3 = 8 yards
Move (0/None) (warform): Dex 5 + PB 3 + 2 WP = 10 yards

The forum is a brighter place takhns to your posts. Thanks!

[edit] Soak

Natural (human): 4B / 2L / 0A
Natural (spirit): 5B / 2L / 0A
Natural (warform): 6B / 3L / 0A
Moonsilver HSB: +0B / +2L /+0A
Mare Marginis: +9B / +8L / +8A (H 5L/5B)

Walking in the presence of gaitns here. Cool thinking all around!

[edit] Experience Progression

Total XP: 30
Spent: 30
-12: Dexterity 5
-09: Bruise Relief Method
-09: Halting the Scarlet Flow

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