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Panoply of the Scourge of Waves

The Scourge of the Waves was notable Water Aspect during the Shogunate. While he's assumed to have died either during the Contagion or the Fair Folk Invasion, his notoriety managed to live on. Records in the Realm and Lookshy show him as a terrorist, a pirate, and an Anathema conspirator. Folk tales in the West paint him as a freedom fighter, a fighter for the islanders' way of live, who often fought against the Fair Folk and even dared to oppose the Storm Mothers.

Whatever his true motives, he possesses a set of artifacts that would be valuable to any Terrestial Exalt, and even moreso if they were copied and reproduced. While appearing to be rather simple artifacts, they were capable of forming a protective armor around the wearer. Each piece could generate a section of a suit of impeccable armor, and used together all five pieces helped spread the name of the Scourge to all corners of the seas.
While wearing any of these artifacts, the user may reflexively spend 2 motes to activate all of the artifacts, transforming them into their armored and weapon forms. Unattuned, the artifacts are in their "normal" forms, typically an innocuous looking artifact.

[edit] Claws of the Drowned

This pair of black jade Dragon Claws typically remain as a pair of bracers. Once activated, they form into their weaponized form, as well as extending armor plates across the Exalt's arms, granting +3L/+3B armored soak and adds to the Panoply's total Hardness by 1L/1B.

This artifact has a cost of Artifact •••, and requires 7 motes to attune to. The Claws have normal stats of Dragon Claws crafted of Black Jade. The artifact is crafted so that an Exalt can access the optional Black Jade bonuses from Oedenol's Codex.

[edit] Maelstrom Striders

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