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Kamen Rider ☆, also pronounced Kamen Rider Star, is an (hopefully) episodic roleplaying game run over IRC.

This is a Mutants and Masterminds game, using the themes present in the Heisei Kamen Rider tokusatsu television shows. If you aren't terribly familiar with anything in that previous sentence then you probably shouldn't apply until you are.


[edit] Plot Summary

The barrier between human's world and the makai world has always been made more of secrecy and illusion than actual walling off; by virtue of staying hidden, the spirits are able to avoid humas' prying eyes. However, occasionally troublesome spirits will cross the boundaries, potentially revealing the secrets of the spirit world. Sending more spirits across the boundary would only increase the chances of discovery, so the most powerful spirits lend mortals power to bring these criminal spirits back to the makai world.

These troublemakers are typically weak yokai and spirits, with little power except over a few people. However, in the year 2012 CE, formerly content spirits have suddenly crossed over, and risk shattering the boundaries on a grand scale. To this end, a few select brave souls have been picked out from the massive human population. Their wits and courage will be tested to the extremes, and even the ruling spirits of the makai fear for the worst...

[edit] Divine Rider Systems

[edit] Rules

Sample Rider System to demonstrate how to stat a Rider.

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[edit] Episode List

Power points accumulated so far: 0

Episode 00 - Peace before the Feast
Episode 01 - What? The stars are falling?!

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