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This is a Lunar for use in Seras' game here.


[edit] Backstory

Jens was one of several thaumaturgist-apprentices in his Northern RPC. While he always showed talent, it wasn't until he survived a massive accident from the nearby automaton factory that he exalted as a Lunar. His quick thinking and perseverance proved to be the turning point of getting the automaton riot under control.

Arrangements were attempted to have the customary honor guard escort him to the Blessed Isle, but there seemed to be a communication breakdown. Instead, he began traveling there himself. It was nearly three months before he found out about the Usurpation, and he began telling fewer people about his exaltation. It wasn't enough apparently; Solar loyal forces began pursuing him when he was only a few miles from the Sea. It wasn't until he stowed away on a ship that he found out the crew was in fact a Regime extraction team.

Jens quickly found himself at home in the Regime's operations, his quick thinking and natural cunning proving valuable in establishing a foothold in Meru. It wasn't long until he took his Trials for the Emerald Cirlce of sorcery. It wasn't long until he realized what exactly the Sacrifice was that he had made.

The dreams all came, completely unbidden and impossible to prevent by any means. Dreams of his death, of a world with no boundaries. Of a world where all people knew everything they could want. It wasn't hard to understand what it all meant, but it wasn't until he received a package containing a journal. A certain Solar had been making plans to enact a way to make the circles of sorcery available to all people and exalts. Such a powerful tool made available would greatly even out the disparities between the exalts that had caused the Regime to come into being, and avoided all the unnecessary bloodshed over the years.

However, the plans were not complete. He would need more than what the Regime offered just for a chance to succeed. So subtly, Jens has been gathering information on the Rebellion movement, searching for clues that could lead him to one of the biggest breakthroughs in Creation since the War itself.

[edit] Info

Name: Jens Inkwing
Caste: No Moon
Totem: Raven
Tell: Black feathers in hair
Motivation: Put together the last pieces of Salina's Second Working
Intimacies: +Equal standing of all Exalts, +Arcane lore, +The Northern wilderness

Age: 39 (24)
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Description: Jens' appearance is like that of most northerners. His hair is a dark brown, typically hanging over his head. His clothing is designed for functionality, with pockets and durability in mind.

[edit] Attributes

Strength ••
Dexterity ••••
Stamina ••

Charisma •••
Manipulation ••••
Appearance •••

Perception ••••
Intelligence ••••
Wits ••••

[edit] Abilities

Athletics ••
Awareness •••
Dodge •••
Integrity ••
Martial Arts ••
Resistance •

Craft ••
Larceny ••
Linguistics •
Presence ••
Sail •
Survival ••

Investigation ••
Lore •••
Occult •••

Specialties: None
Crafts: Craft(Air) ••
Languages: Sky-tongue (native), Old Realm

[edit] Advantages

Backing (Night Sky Regime) ••
Backing (Crossroads Society) •
Heart's Blood ••
Manse ••
Manse •
Mentor ••
Wealth ••

Compassion •••
Conviction •••••
Valor ••
Temperance •••••


Health Levels

  0  [ ]   
-1 [ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Permanent: 3
Personal: 23/23
Peripheral: 40/52
Committed: 12
Regen: (Manse 2 x 2) + (Manse 1 x 2) + Amulet 1 = +7m/h


Great Curse
Temperance: Curse of the Thieving Magpie
The Lunar's hoarding nature overcomes him, forcing him to spend the rest of the scene gathering small useless objects as though they were worth more than any gem. The criteria to the Lunar's new sense of value is set by the Storyteller at the time of the Limit Break; he may begin gathering anything he sees lying around that is shiny, or things that would make noise when rattled together in a jar.
Partial Control: The Lunar may choose to be able to take other actions, especially if the promise of more shinies is involved. He will still spend idle moments gathering such objects, but not the time in the middle of a battle or debate.

Holy cniocse data batman. Lol!

[edit] Backgrounds

Backing (Night Sky Regime) ••
Jens has taken an interest in the politics of the Regime. While his vote is mostly that of his Mentor, he has been obedient when it counts and rebellious when it wouldn't matter much.

Backing (Crossroads Society) •
Jens is only a young member of the Crossroads Society, having recently initiated into the Terrestial Circle of Sorcery. The society largely consists of No Moons and was most recently concerned with the re-aspecting project and with acquiring as much lore from the Solars as they died.

Heart's Blood ••
In addition to his true shapes, Jens has acquired several forms of animals, mostly those native to the Isle but several from areas with imported beasts. He can take the shape of the following addition animals: Snow lion, osprey, owl, horse, red panda, house cat, river otter, freshwater trout, copperhead snake.

Manse ••
Located on Meru's western slopes, Jens' personal manse is the Humble Place of Retreat, a fairly low-key Lunar manse. It produces a Chameleon Stone, allowing him to appear as a member of the local populace, useful for moving somewhat unnoticed.

Chameleon Stone (Lunar ••)
A colorless triangular prism that takes on the color of whatever it touches. The bearer can change his skin, hair and eye color along with general features so that the bearer will match the natives of a local area, whatever they may be.

Manse •
Located nearby Celestial Gate #7, the Watchful Refuge manse takes the form of a small shrine for weary travelers to and from Heaven.

Ever-Open Eye (Sidereal •)
This dull gray disk of smooth stone allows one to remain awake without fatigue or impairment for up to two days. After two days, the bearer must roll (Stamina+Resistance) at difficulty 1, with +1 difficulty for each additional day awake. Failure induce hallucinations, a waking nightmare that causes -2 internal penalty to all rolls and erratic behavior. Regardless, eight hours of sleep is all that is needed to return to normal behavior.

Mentor ••
Jens' mentor has seen much potential in his young student, and splits his time between him and a slightly older Lunar exalt, a young girl named Raksi.

Wealth ••
Jens has a moderate stipend from the Regime, largely due to his help with the major reaspecting project that occurred.

Wealth purchases:

  • Moonsilver Reinforced Buff Jacket Mare Marginis, Artifact • (Attune 3-2=1)
  • Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers, Artifact • (Attune 4)
  • Aegis Inset Amulets, Artifact • (Attune 0)
  • Hearthstone Amulet, Artifact • (Attune 1)
  • Collar of Cleansing Dawn, Artifact • (Attune 1)

[edit] Combat stats

Join Battle: 7

Dodge Pool
Dodge DV (human): (Dex 4 + Dodge 3 + Essence 3 + HSB 3 = 13) 7 = 7
Dodge MDV: (WP 10 + Integrity 2 + Essence 3 = 15) 7

Jumping (5, -1), Vertical/Horizontal (human): Str 2 + Ath 2 = 4 / 8 yards

Dash (3/-2) (human): Dex 4 + 6 = 10 yards

Move (0/None) (human): Dex 4 = 4 yards

[edit] Attacks

Base Martial Arts Pool (human): Dex 4 + Martial Arts 2 = 6

Strength: Human=2, Spirit=2,

Unarmed Attacks

  • Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +0B, Defense +2, Rate 3, Min Str •, Tags N
  • Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage +3B, Defense -2, Rate 2, Min Str • Dex ••, Tags N
  • Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy +0, Damage +0B, Defense NA, Rate 1, Min Str •, Tags C N P

Cool! That's a celevr way of looking at it!

[edit] Notes

BP: 15
-12: Virtues
-03: Manipulation 4

[edit] Experience Progression

Total XP: 30
Spent: 30
-03: Valor 2
-09: Third Perception Excellency
-09: Eye of the Cat
-09: Instinctive Essence Prediction

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