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This is a Soul of Gaia, submitted for playing in The Pulse of Creation.

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[edit] Attributes

 (C) Strength  •••••   Charisma     •••    Perception   •••   
(C) Dexterity •••••• Manipulation •• Intelligence •••
(C) Stamina ••••• Appearance ••• (F) Wits •••••

Your article was excleelnt and erudite.

[edit] Advantages

Inheritance •••••
Patron •••••
Reputation (The East) •••••
Artifact ••••
Artifact •••
Tattoo Artifact •
Manse •••
Resources •••
Mentor ••
Ally •
Ally •
Heart's Blood ••
Backing(Blades of Sacred Life) •
Backing(Silver Pact) •
Contact •
Contact •

Compassion •••
Conviction ••••
Valor •••••
Temperance •••


 (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) (•) ( )  
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Health Levels

  0  [ ]   
-1 [ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Permanent 5
Personal 23 (23)
Peripheral 58 (35)
Committed 23


 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]  

Great Curse
Curse of the Lone Wolf

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[edit] Merits and Flaws

Rival •• - Rival Lunar, trained by the same mentor. Coming from a barbarian heritage and believes that a non-barbarian Lunar isn't worth the shard.
Enemy ••• - Several Lookshy officers that are tasked with hunting down the Fiery Maned Menace. An Air Aspect sorcerer-engineer with access to a plethora of magitech, a Wood Immaculate assisting with the trek through the wilderness to find and defeat him, and a Water Aspected Terrestrial Martial Artist who doubles as a detective.

[edit] Backgrounds

Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers
Cost: •••
Attune: 8
Effects: When activating a Form charm, the wearer replaces the accuracy, damage, and defense bonuses to +Permanent Essence. In addition, the wearer ignores cover and shields when making attacks.

Moonsilver Belt of Exalted Prowess
Cost: ••••
Attune: 8
Tags: None
Description: This artifact takes the shape of a wide belt of thick leather set with an ornate buckle and studs made of one of the magical materials. While worn in this form it grants the wearer +6B/+6L soak, 2B/2L hardness and has -0 mobility and 0 fatigue. It always gains the respective MM bonus of its construction. As a reflexive action the wearer may spend 2m and activate the belt to transform into a magnificent suit of Articulated Plate, which is statistically identical to that of a normal artifact suit of articulated plate. While in belt form, each artifact grants the wearer specific bonuses based on its magical material:

  • Orichalcum: +3 bonus to Strength or Presence rolls
  • Moonsilver: +3 bonus to Manipulation or Athletics rolls
  • Jade: +3 bonus to Stamina or Integrity rolls
  • Starmetal: +3 bonus to Perception or Performance rolls
  • Soulsteel: +3 bonus to Appearance or Ride rolls

Tattooed Hearthstone Amulet
Cost: •
Attune: 1
Description: This spiral shaped section of moonsilver tattoo is capable of holding a hearthstone, and confers the same benefits of a hearthstone amulet. In this case, the tattoo is located in the middle of the chest, near the chakra point.

Djinn of Fire: Salamander
Cost:  ?
Attune: 2
Description: This small lizard has blackened scales with orange highlights, and ruby red eyes. Salamander feeds off a Fire aspect's ambient elemental anima, and would likely quickly starve if unattuned for long. It increases the damage done by Drake's Heshiesh's Burning Heart unique power by (Essence) dice. It provides an increase to DVs depending on the level of anima flare; a base +1 DV for no anima display, +2 DV for caste mark level, and +3 when totemic.

Orb of the Unnoticed Predator
Cost: Manse •••
Element: Lunar
Effect: This flattened sphere is patterned in several gray stripes. The stone prevents its bearer from leaving tracks, even in thick mud or fine dust, and eliminates all traces of her scent and the scent of anything she wears or carries. These benefits also extend to any animal she rides and to anyone she carries, but do not extend to any companions moving on their own. If the bearer moves in a slow and stealthy fashion, the stone also mutes any noises she makes and bends shadows to her advantage, increasing the difficulty of all Awareness rolls to notice her presence by 1.

The Crescent Domain of the Past's Heros
Cost: Manse •••
Aspect: Lunar
Description: This manse is made of dark blue and silvery stone and metal, and the outside walls are often shifting their position, denying access to the slow or unperceptive. Inside the manse is located a training area for martially inclined characters, but the main feature is the archive. This library is stocked with legends of the heroes of the Primordial War and First Age, and would aid anyone interested in recovering history of past deeds. The manse is very open to the outside environment; animals often make their way inside the manse in search of shelter. The manse itself is located in the southeastern parts of the Scavenger Lands.
Powers: Attunement Recognition (0 points), Basic Senses (0), Cosmetic Displays (0), Comfort Zone (1), Magical Conveniences(2), Well-Flavored Aspect(1), Archive(2)
Conveniences: Sliding panels and mirrors reveal or reflect the moon's light; Doors open when approached; Advanced combat training room; Adaptive combat dummies; self-updating Moonsilver plaque directory to the archive; Archive can automatically duplicate written contents when supplied with paper and ink.

Heart's Blood
Drake can assume the following animal forms: Horse, Bloodhound, Python, Auroch, Strix, White Tiger, Tyrant Lizard, and Alligator.

Winter's Favor - This God-Blooded woman claims to be a daughter of Talespinner, but unlike the other thousand people that claim lineage she has minor essence powers to back her claim up. A master painter and calligrapher whose works have been said to "come alive", she lived in Thorns until it was overrun by the Mask of Winters. Luckily for her, she had been called away to paint the portrait of a wealthy Guild trader during the invasion. She officially lives in a large town south of Great Forks, supposedly to "retreat and learn to better portray nature". In reality, she is actually working alongside the Blades to free Thorns, or at least keep the Deathlords from destroying any other city. She is Drake's "liaison" within the Blades, making sure that the roving Full Moon gets messages from the organization and generally acting as a kind of secretary. She serves this function for several other members of the Blades in the area, as well as working on a collaborative rebuttal to the Mask of Winter's attempts to set himself up as "just another ruler". She is rather smitten with the physically robust man, especially from an artistic standpoint. Whether either side acknowledges this is another story. She's currently hiding out in Drake's manse.

Distant Thunder - The general/leader of the People of the Hills, a nomadic offshoot of the Marukani. The tribesman are skilled with horses and bows, and Thunder himself attracted the attention of the Unconquered Sun. Now a Dawn caste, he and his army have managed to make a place for themselves, partially settling in an area. Drake's manse lays on land that is frequented by the People, and the previous ruler of the area had been a Lunar warlord. Though he was first driven off by Thunder, his retaliatory assault was stopped by Drake, who invoked a duel of honor between the two Lunars. As a result of Drake's victory, the warlord has withdrawn his forces for a year and a day, and is prepared to face Drake again in another duel at the end of that time. In exchange for his help, the tribe looks after the manse to prevent anyone else from taking it over while Drake is away. ((Thunder is property of Janana, and used with his permission. Poke him for more information on the guy.))

Arcturus Shen - As a young man, Shen joined the ranks of the Seventh Legion, and promptly deserted the moment he saw battle. He now works as a scavenger lord and informant for several covert operatives within Lookshy, in exchange for the whole "not being executed for treason" thing. Drake uses Shen as a means of predicting Lookshy troop movements, so he can stage ambushes to test their paragons of battle. Shen likes to sell any wonders Drake "finds" to various parties, as well as a potential source of "protection" from his other clients.

Ivory Cloud - This Soul of Gaia operates mostly out of Great Forks. As a member of the Guardians of the Threshold, she often requests assistance from Drake in hitting things that might threaten the River Province besides the Deathlords. An accomplished sorceress, she hopes that Drake can lead him to the Secret Thunders Lodge and its No Moon teacher. Because, y'know, all Lunars know each other, right...?

[edit] Combat stats

Join Battle: 9

Dodge Pool Dodge DV (human): (Dex 6 + Dodge 5 + 2 Specialty + Essence 5 = 18) 10/11/12
Dodge DV (warform): (Dex 8 + Dodge 5 + 2 Specialty + Essence 5 = 20) 11/12/13

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[edit] Notes

[edit] Soul of Gaia Unique Power

Heshiesh's Burning Heart
When Drake anima flares he may benefit from the full effects of the Fire Aspect Anima, including immunity to Fire damage (which explicitly includes F-Tag weapons). His anima does not harm allies or any scenery he does not wish to actively set on fire. The fire is also considered Holy and the environmental damage is doubled against Creatures of Darkness. This power is linked to the Full Moon power; any time it would activate so does this. It follows the same rules as the Fire anima power, dealing (Essence) dice of damage when barehanded or grappling attacks that land on him or are made by Drake.

This damage is increased to (2 x Essence) dice of lethal damage due to the Salamander djinn.

[edit] Investiture of Divine Glory

+30 BP
-3 BP :: +1 Strength
-3 BP :: +1 Dexterity
-3 BP :: +1 Stamina
-3 BP :: +1 Valor
-5 BP :: Ox-Body Technique
-5 BP :: Golden Tiger Stance
-1 BP :: +2 Martial Arts specialty
-1 BP :: +1 Survival
-3 BP :: Four-charm Combo
-3 BP :: Intimacies

+17 dots of backgrounds
-1 :: Upgrade armor to Artifact 4
-1 :: Tattoo artifact
-3 :: PKB
-3 :: Manse
-2 :: Heart's Blood
-1 :: Backing (Guardians of the Threshold)
-1 :: Backing (Silver Pact)
-1 :: Contact (for information on Lookshy)
-1 :: +1 Resources
-1 :: +1 Contacts
-2 :: Allies

[edit] Experience Progression

Total XP: 500
Spent: 499
-10 Claws of the Silver Moon
-10 Den Mother Method
-10 Running Through the Herd
-04 Athletics +1
-10 Ox-Body Technique
-11 Quicksilver Second Face
-10 Snake Body Technique
-06 combo name TBD
-11 Lightning-Change Style
-06 Awareness +1
-02 Resistance +1
-04 Resistance +1
-03 Occult +1
-10 Steadfast Yeddim Meditation
-10 Armor-Rending Claw Fist
-10 Crouching Tiger Stance
-10 Terrible Wolverine Onslaught
-11 Internal Form Mastery
-11 Mountainous Spirit Expression
-11 Emperor Ox Expansion
-10 Wary Swallow Method
-10 Bruise Relief Method
-10 Halting the Scarlet Flow
-11 World-Striding Monster Shape
-15 Dexterity 6
-10 Coiled Serpent Strikes
-10 Wasp Sting Blur
-12 Wits 5
-11 Constant Quicksilver Rearrangement
-15 Reputation (the East) •••••
-12 Hide of the Cunning Hunter
-08 Appearance +1
-11 Twin Faced Hero
-02 Linguistics 2 (HighRealm)
-06 Temperance 3
-10 First Wits Excellency
-10 Meerkat Alertness Practice
-06 Dodge 4
-08 Dodge 5
-10 Relentless Lunar Fury
-10 Durable Battle Mind
-10 Frenzied Bear Fortification
-10 Hide Toughing Essence
-10 Third Dexterity Excellency
-10 Wind Dancing Method
-10 Flowing Body Evasion
-10 Flowing Body Ascension (Add 2m, duration = one action)
-14 Combo of 3rd Dex, SBT, Wary Swallow, Flowing Body Evasion, 2nd Strength
-11 Hybrid Body Rearrangement (Flight, ??)
-06 Dodge specialties:
-10 Impressions of Strength: Ogre's Loving Carress
-10 Burrowing Devil Strike
-11 Devastating Ogre Enhancement
-03 Martial Arts Specialty: Unarmed 1

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