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Nerset is one of the numerous independent nations in the area known as the Hundred Kingdoms. Beset on all sides by more powerful nations, and with the last of its already small Dragonblooded population now deceased, the nation was saved when a powerful Dragonblooded from the Realm arrived. Fighting back barbarians and attackers, she was quickly courted by the king and became its queen.

You are the nation's latest crop of Dragonblooded, a miracle considering how poor the lines were in the past. Prove yourself to these beaten people and protect your homeland.


[edit] Characters

Standard Outcaste DB generation. In addtion, you gain 50 XP and have Essence 3. Due to your status, Resources does not cost double to raise to 4 or 5 using bonus points.

I would greatly prefer a perfect brotherhood of Exalts. Also remember that you are somewhat experienced, with about 10-15 years of being Exalted to draw on.
Air - Name here
Earth - Name here
Fire - Name here
Water - Name here
Wood - Name here

[edit] Houserules

We'll be using Milestone Essence.
Essence 3 = Start
Essence 4 = 200 XP

DBs do not incur out of Aspect surchages. Instead, your Aspect charms receive a one-mote discount, to a minimum of 1m. This discount also applies to the appropriate elementally aspected Martial Arts and Sorcery spells.

You may use Reflexive charms while casting Sorcery. Speaking of, purchasing Terrestial Circle Sorcery automatically grants you Emerald Counterspell and another spell of your choice.

The DB charms are kinda lame. If you can point to an already complete set of "fixed" DB charms, or just want to personally change them as you buy them, let me know.

DB fake-perfects that auto-fail against magical attacks no longer do so. It's a silly rule.

[edit] Session Logs

Nothing here yet....

[edit] Experience

Total: 50 XP

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