Belt of Exalted Prowess

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Belt of Exalted Prowess
Cost: ••••
Attune: 8
Tags: None
Description: This artifact takes the shape of a wide belt of thick leather set with an ornate buckle and studs made of one of the magical materials. While worn in this form it grants the wearer +6B/+6L soak, 2B/2L hardness and has -0 mobility and 0 fatigue. It always gains the respective MM bonus of its construction. As a reflexive action the wearer may spend 2m and activate the belt to transform into a magnificent suit of Articulated Plate, which is statistically identical to that of a normal artifact suit of articulated plate. While in belt form, each artifact grants the wearer specific bonuses based on its magical material:

  • Orichalcum: +3 bonus to Strength or Presence rolls
  • Moonsilver: +3 bonus to Manipulation or Athletics rolls
  • Jade: +3 bonus to Stamina or Integrity rolls
  • Starmetal: +3 bonus to Perception or Performance rolls
  • Soulsteel: +3 bonus to Charisma or Occult rolls

These bonuses do not stack; that is, a character wearing a Jade belt does not gain 6 dice on a Stamina + Integrity roll.

Thanks to Seras, who helped me design this artifact.

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