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Houserules for rebalancing of artifacts.


[edit] Calculating Artifact Cost

Artifact cost uses an internal point system, called Creation Points. CP is gained and spent from various methods in creating the artifact.

[edit] Artifact Rating Cost

The background rating of the artifact itself contributes to Creation Points.
• - +1 CP
•• - +2 CP
••• - +3 CP
•••• - +5 CP
••••• - +7 CP

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[edit] Resources Cost

Artifacts are typically based on mundane items, from swords to medical equipment to crafting tools to clothing. The Resources cost can increase or decrease the amount of CP available for artifact creation. This is used to increase the various traits of an item through the fine/exceptional/perfect item system, as detailed in the Core book on page 365-366.
• - +1 CP
•• - +0 CP. This is the base cost of most artifacts, such as daiklaves.
••• - -1 CP.
•••• - -2 CP
••••• - -3 CP

[edit] Drawback Cost

Not all artifacts have drawbacks, but the few that do often make themselves famous by dint of that fact. The Drawbacks of an artifact are functionally similar to the Taboo background for Casteless Lunars.
• - +1 CP
•• - +2 CP
••• - +3 CP
•••• - +5 CP
••••• - +7 CP

[edit] Attribute Cost

Artifacts can add dice to Attribute rolls. Since Attributes are fairly powerful and diverse, this costs more than adding to an Ability. See the sidebar in MoEP: Lunars detailing the strengths and weaknesses of Attribute Excellencies. Dice added through this way do not affect the dice limit on an Exalt's Excellencies, and dice added function similarly to dice added through Lunar Excellencies (ie, adding dice to Stamina will increase soak, adding dice to Appearance will change the MDV modifiers on social attacks, etc.).

The user of the artifact cannot benefit from more bonus dice on a single roll / value than the artifact's Artifact rating.

+1 Attribute die - -1 CP
+2 Attribute dice - -2 CP
+3 Attribute dice - -3 CP
+4 Attribute dice - -4 CP
+5 Attribute dice - -5 CP

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