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Weapons and Armor: When learning this style, the martial artist chooses a weapon, typically one that does not posses the M tag. The artist may use that weapon as thought it had the M tag, and that weapon may be used with charms of this style, unless otherwise noted. Unarmed attacks are unable to be selected, as are natural or integrated weaponry. This style may be practiced while wearing armor.
Complementary Abilities: Learning this style requires at least Melee •••, and most stylists keep their Melee ability at least as high as their Martial Arts.


[edit] Charm A

Concept: Adds (Martial Arts) to Join Battle rolls if weapon is not drawn. If at least 3 successes are made, the weapon is reflexively readied for use.

[edit] Charm B1

Prereq: A
Concept: Defensive tree

[edit] Charm C1

Prereq: B1
Concept: Defensive tree

[edit] Charm B2

Prereq: A
Concept: Offensive tree

[edit] Charm C2

Prereq: B2
Concept: Offensive tree

[edit] Form Charm

Prereq: C1, C2
Concept: Purchase of this charm allows for comboing charms of this style with Melee charms. When activated, can actually USE those combos.

[edit] Sword Variant

Concept: Relies on defense, disable of opponent.

[edit] Polearm Variant

Concept: Reach control, Jump charm.

[edit] Grand weapon Variant

Concept: Powerful attacks, unparryable

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